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  • Expertise

    DevOps and SRE

    In the landscape of technology, achieving seamless collaboration between DevOps and SRE has become a cornerstone for organisational success. Mesoform’s State of the Union embarks on acomprehensive exploration of the union of the intricate threads that bind DevOps and SRE principles and their interplay with the ever-growing concern of cybersecurity.

  • Security

    Impact of Software Delivery Performance and Operational Performance

    High software delivery performance is beneficial for organisational performance only when operational performance is also high. Simply delivering quickly may not matter if the service cannot meet users' reliability expectations. Organisations should focus on both speedy delivery and reliable operations to achieve optimal results.

  • Expertise

    Platform Engineering

    Platform engineering is a strategic discipline focused on designing and constructing selfservice capabilities to reduce the cognitive load on developers and enable swift software delivery. Platform teams provide shared infrastructure platforms to internal users responsible for delivering value through software development. These users primarily include software developers and engineers.

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    The importance of continuous vigilance and good cloud hygiene cannot be overstated. The evolution of cloud environments naturally tends to drift away from their baseline security settings, making it imperative to instate measures that consistently monitor and enforce robust security practices.

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