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Cloud Consultancy and Advisory Services

If you're aiming to fast-track your digital evolution or simply wish to enhance your ability to innovate in the Cloud, our dedicated team of Cloud experts are ready to guide you through your Cloud journey.

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Why Choose Mesoform?

  • Expertise

    Expertise and Experience

    Mesoform stands out with over 20 years of expertise in the industry. With Mesoform by your side, you can confidenly embrace the power of the cloud and drive your digital transformation forward.

  • Custom Solutions

    Customised Solutions

    Whether it’s optimising your infrastructure, implementing efficient DevOps practices, or streamlining your operations, Mesoform has the expertise to architect and deliver robust and scalable solutions.

  • Security

    Security and Compliance

    We understand that embarking on a digital transformation can be a complex and challenging process. That’s why we take a hands-on approach, guiding our clients every step on the way.

  • Expertise

    Expertise and Advice

    We are a recognised Google Cloud Partner who excels in different Cloud platforms. DevOps, DevSecOps, Platform Engineering and SRE. Led by CEO Gareth Brown, a renowned Google Champion and modern architecture innovator. We provide comprehensive support for your digital transformation journey.

  • Expertise

    Top 600 Companies

    Out of the 600 companies worldwide recognised as cloud innovators by Google, Mesoform proudly stands among them. This distinction highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of cloud technologies.

3 Major Platforms

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    Google Cloud

    Great for:

    • Big Data
    • Machine learning
    • AI

    Microsoft Azure

    Great for:

    • Office solutions
    • Auth and user management
    • DevOps technologies
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    Amazon Web

    Great for:

    • General laaS
    • Web services
    • Engineer familiarity

Our Services: Optimising Cloud-Based Solutions

  • DevOps

    • With a proven track record of optimising cloud workflows, automating cloud processes, and ensuring seamless cloud collaboration, we will elevate your projects to new heights with efficiency and quality.
    • Say goodbye to cloud bottlenecks and hello to rapid, error-free cloud deployments.
    • Watch your development teams thrive in the digital age of cloud computing.
  • SRE

    • Our SRE team is your ticket to unparalleled reliability, performance, and scalability in the cloud.
    • With a relentless focus on proactive cloud monitoring, automation, and incident response, we keep your cloud systems running at peak efficiency.
    • We're not just your cloud support; we're your partners in achieving operational excellence in the cloud.
    • Elevate your cloud reliability game.
  • Platform Engineering

    • If you're launching new cloud-based products or optimising existing ones, we will design and maintain the robust cloud infrastructure your business needs to thrive.
    • We will be your cloud engineers and partners in building a cloud-native platform that scales effortlessly.
    • Experience the difference of a high-performance cloud foundation for your digital success.

Customer Success Stories

  • Automated Security Enforcement

    Automated Security Enforcement

    When running in the Cloud, it's important to ensure that all applications, services, and other resources meet the company's security and compliance policies (like software patching) at all times. Often when teams are not following good development practices, this isn't always the case. Mesoform created a solution to enforce policies automatically.

  • Security Information & Event Management

    Security Information & Event Management

    In today's vast and rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, it's essential that you operate a SIEM that analyses your whole system, from Cloud infrastructure to apps, but they can be complex and time-consuming to set up and manage. Mesoform delivered a massive Cloud solution for a financial organisation in a controlled and agile manner in only a few weeks, even with very strict controls.

  • Web Server

    Web Server

    Mesoform built and deployed a Crypto web app using NGINX. Using all the best industry practices for ensuring the app ran as efficiently and securely as possible, we deployed the app to a managed Cloud container platform allowing developers to spend their time writing code, not operating, configuring, and scaling their service.

Life Cycle
of Our Product

Phase 01

Adoption or Transfer Phase

Whether you’re implementing a new software solution, migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure, or embracing emerging technologies, our dedicated team is equipped to support you at every step of the adoption journey.

Phase 02

Cloud Re-architecture or Transformation

Whether you are looking to migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud, optimise your cloud environment, or develop a comprehensive strategy and execute it with precision.

Phase 03

Support & Maintenance

Our team of experts is available to address any technical issues, answer your questions, and provide ongoing guidance to ensure your systems perform optimally and evolve along with your business needs.

Gareth Brown
The Concierge Paradigm

The Concierge Paradigm emerged as a solution to challenges in managing scalable application containers, leading to the adoption of various options to enhance monitoring, simplify container infrastructure, and incorporate Zabbix as a container scheduler.


How quick would a cloud adoption take?

This is a difficult question to answer because every situation is uniquely different. However, because of our ready-made way of working, our guide for a straightforward lift-and-shift migration of two or three similar Linux servers would be 1-2 months. Please bear in mind though, much depends on this, like whether it needs to be an uptime migration and if there is any data involved (and how much). However, choosing Mesoform as your partner for this work, we will also include automation solutions and primary Cloud feature improvements in this migration.

What is a lift-and-shift migration?

This is where we move apps from one provider to another but without any real changes to the app, apart from maybe some configuration changes. We sort of pick up and drop the applications from one server on-premise (or another Cloud) provider onto a ready built one on the different provider. In reality, the way Mesoform works, you will probably be more than just that, and it will likely include improvements to automation, software firewalls, upgrade processes, service availability and security.

What is the request-based service?

Our most common engagement model involves project-based delivery around a statement of work (SOW) assessment. However, we're passionate about what we do and want businesses of all sizes and positions to be able to leverage our experience in delivering exceptional service at the highest level of industry. So our request-based service makes our team available "on-request" to support your technology team and reduce the burden of context switching causing under-performing developers. We will spend a small amount of time understanding your current DevOps, platform and site reliability engineering status. Once we have this initial engagement set-up, your technology team can simple request our team perform task which would normally take time away from your critical developers who would otherwise be spending time adding critical features on your apps.

How do you manage cyber security?

Mesoform have been advising and engineering best security practices for some of the largest companies around, at highly regulated enterprises and on a massive scale for many years. It is at the heart of everything we do. It is important to ensure your services are released as quickly as possible but it is critical to ensure that they are deployed as securely as possible.

Will you be able to make our app available 24/7/365?

Unfortunately, no one can realistically promise that - and be wary of anyone who does!The IT industry instead talks about the number of 9s your service should expect as its service level objective (SLO). The more 9s the better (e.g. 99.99% uptime). Mesoform will always use the best technologies we believe will give the most availability for your apps. This is still something which is considered on a case-by-case basis because the more 9s you aim for, the more difficult and costly it will become, and sometimes, it may simply be unnecessary. We'll look to implement the best solution for your business based on cost, performance, security and overall user experience.

What is operations-as-a-Service (OaaS)?

Operations is sometimes seen as a big business cost. Essential, but time consuming and as a result, neglected or misunderstood. OaaS is seen as a way to improve overall business operations by leveraging expertise and experience of specialists, as a service, from a third party; and doing it at times, and in ways which work best for you. From Mesoform's perspective, this is technical operations, like site reliability and security.

Why would we use Mesoform services when our (full stack) developers already do this work?

Many surveys over the years from companies like Google, IDC, IT Revolution Press and Gartner have found that companies are able to operate more effectively when particular attention is paid, by experts, to how services are deployed, secured, monitored and analysed. This is because each one of these concepts is massive in their own right and require people to focus a lot of time and effort into ensuring they are implemented correctly. When burdening individuals with all this important work, the level of quality and ability to deliver on time, drops drastically. The companies who are doing this best are the ones you expect, Google, AWS, Apple, Microsoft, etc. and they know the way to do this is by shifting down by having dedicated platform engineering, security and SRE teams. However, Mesoform reliase that this can be difficult for many businesses to address, so we make these teams available to you without the major investment in doing it yourself. You just leverage our specialist team and we absorb the big initial and on-going costs.

What does shifting down mean?

Shifting down is a term which has recently come out of Google, and is the concept of gaining the most productivity from your development team by engaging with specialist platform engineering, site reliability and security teams to abstract complexities of their specialist areas into easy-to-consume tools and processes which you technology team can adopt into their development lifecycle. An example of this would be providing a simple way to test app deployments against security and compliance policies before changes are even committed to be released.

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